Monday, December 19, 2011

This year's post :)

This little blog has been sorely neglected over the last year.  Infact, it's been over a year since I've updated anything here.  Over the winter months last year I didn't do much crafting because of a back injury and it seems that when I was doing something it was knitting up some easy dishcloths to have on hand for gifts.  I did do a few projects here and there but not much. 

I made this adorable sock monkey hat for my nephew Tyler and it fits him perfectly for this year. 

This afternoon I made up three newborn hats for my new grandneice who was born a week and a half ago.  I made another pink mommy and me shell beanie, like the one posted HERE and then another brown beanie from a free pattern HERE.  To the brown beanie I added a layered flower in colors of yellow, pink and maroon.  I found the flower tutorial at Attic24 in this post. I also made a cream colored newsboy style hat that I will add a fabric flower to.  Hopefully I will get some pictures of princess Olivia in her new hats over Christmas.

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