Monday, December 29, 2008


It's finished! Unfortunately the lighting stinks and I don't have anyone here to hold the blanket up nicely so that you could see all the edging, so I hung it over my antique wash table in my bathroom but the sides hang down. Oh well... Here it is.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow

There are flakes falling outside and there should be more flakes here inside too but I can't seem to find the right color of blue to finish my snowflake afghan. I ran out of the Red Heart blue I was using. I thought it was called midnight blue but I can't find that anywhere and I've been to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and two different Walmarts! The closest I coudl find was called soft navy but there seems to be a color difference. I'm going to work up a few motifs tonight and see if I notice the color change or not. I still have 13 motifs to fnish plus the the edging. Here is how the afghan looks tonight.

The other afghan that I'm working on is this one. It is worked in a different color for each row in order to see the stitching, so there are lots of little tails to tuck in! I love how it is turning out though and its an easy one to work on. Just single crochet, double crochet and then treble crochet. You end each row with the treble crochet and then you tie off, turn the piece and start with a new color. You would start the new color with a single crochet on top of the treble crochet from the last row. Very simple, very fast.

Friday, November 28, 2008


This is NOT a good picture. There are windows on both sides and the lighting made the midnight blue look almost black. I'll try to take a better picture this evening.

It's fun to see some of the strips stitched together. I love the afghan and will have a hard time parting with it after all the labor of love. :-) I believe I have 5 more rows to go in order to finish this. It's coming along quickly though. I started it two weeks ago and I've not been able to work on it everyday.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Because I'm crazy...

... I started another afghan. I have so many projects that I want to get to but don't have the time. I think we are taking the whole month of December off of school and focusing on hospitality, handiwork and cooking. :-) Maybe then I'll finish everything in time for gift giving.

I went to my second weight watchers meeting tonight. I'm down 6.8 lbs in two weeks. Yay!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snowflake Afghan Update

I decided to go with the Midnight Blue.

So far I've gotten the first strip of 7 done and stitched together. I have one more white snowflake to border and then I'll stitch together the second strip.

I came across some cute totes that I'd like to make as gifts too but I need to get a bit further along with the afghan before I start another project.

Snowflake Afghan

I came across this pattern for the Snowflake Afghan while reading a thread at Crochetville and just knew that this was the afghan I wanted to make for our family Christmas exchange. I like the afghan blocked in blue like the pattern picture but I had some deep burgandy and thought I would work one up in that to see which I liked best. The picture seems to show the color as more of a red but it is a deeper color. I still think I like the blue. What do you think?

Shawl for Samantha

I made this shawl up as I went, lol. It was made at least 3-4 years. I can't remember exactly when but my dd looks very young in this photo.

Dish Towel

I made two dish towels out of white and bright orange cotton when we moved to our new home. Since we weren't able to replace the bright 70's orange countertops I did what I could to cheer it up. I thought they turned out cute and I added some bright & cheery buttons to them. They've held up great adn I actually need to make some more.

Kitchen Swap at Crochetville

The last swap that I participated in was the Kitchen Swap. I loved this one! I hope to participate in swapping again soon but due to our move and getting things set up and then a busy summer I decided not to do any crochet swapping for awhile.

This is what I sent

List of goodies:

1- Square potholder
1- round potholder/trivet
1- scrubbie
2- chicken hotpads
4- suckers
1- notepad
1- towel2- pencils
1- phase 10 dice game
3- cotton yarns in summer colors
1- teapot recipe/picture holder

The chicken potholders were SO fun to make. They were from the Ultimate Potholder book and I've actually made quite a few of them since this swap.

Below are the goodies that I got from my partner Biz!

Purse Swap

I made this purse for my partner Vicki for the Crochetville Bright & Breezy Spring Purse/Tote Swap. I wanted to badly so participate in this swap and then I ended up getting very anxious about the pattern I had chosen and didn't have time to do another. In the end I liked how it turned out but looking at it now (2 years later) I think I've come quite a ways in my purse making abilities. :-)

Scarf Swap

These are the two scarves that I made for a scarf swap at Crochetville in 2006. The patterns were free online but I'll have to try and locate them at a different time.

My partner Lisa from Crochet Garden made my daughter and I beautiful scarves. Unfortunately I never got a picture of them and the ones that I did have were on my other blog and got deleted. They were pictures from Lisa and the ones she took seem to be taken off of her hosting site. Bummer! One scarf was a cream and the other a pink. They were light and lacy and I still love them!!!

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

My first Baby It's Cold Outside sweater. Pattern found HERE.

Brooklyn's Winter Hat

Oh my goodness she is so adorable!!!! I made this hat for my neice Brooklyn last winter. I used a free pattern that I found online HERE. I the yarn brand "I Love That Yarn" and made another in for my son Andrew in similar colors to the one pictured in the pattern although my blue was a navy. I need to make Brooklyn a new hat for this year now.

Pretty Poncho & Hat

This cute granny square poncho and matching hat were made for a friends daughter for her birthday. Her sister got a matching set in opposite tones. The squares worked up quick but I didn't like whip-stitching them all together.

Andrew's Round Ripple

This is still a WIP (Work in Progress). I started it about 7 months ago, right before we moved and then never got back into it. I had orginally bought the bright colors to do a graph ghan of Cailou for Andrew but never got around to getting it started.

Round Ripples were pretty popular at Crochetville so I decided to give it a whirl. It is an easy pattern to follow and I really shoudl get it out and finish it up for Christmas. :-)

HERE is the pattern.

Summer Purse

This was made from the Bernat denim (in green). I used to strands together so it would hold its shape nicely and not need to be lined. Lining still scares me, lol.

Easter Purse

A cute Easter purse for my neice Reagan. I can't seem to locate the link but if I find it I will update here.

Pig Pillow

I made this pig pillow for my neice Reagan for her birthday 2 years ago. It has been well loved and I enjoyed making it although more than once I got tired of all the sc and had to do some other crocheting before picking this back up.

The pattern was found in a book titled Pillow Pets. It was a Coats & Clark book that had 7 different animals in it. The pig, a cat, lion, duck, turtle, bear and dinosaur.