Friday, November 28, 2008


This is NOT a good picture. There are windows on both sides and the lighting made the midnight blue look almost black. I'll try to take a better picture this evening.

It's fun to see some of the strips stitched together. I love the afghan and will have a hard time parting with it after all the labor of love. :-) I believe I have 5 more rows to go in order to finish this. It's coming along quickly though. I started it two weeks ago and I've not been able to work on it everyday.

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Marie Anne said...

This is gorgeous! Rather than take another picture, you could try adjusting the lighting with your photo editing software. If you don't know how, I'd be happy to try to tweek it a bit for you.

As for the afghan you saw on my blog, I have no idea how many chains I started with, but of course you can make it as wide as you want.

There is no right/wrong side, so even though you attach the new color with each row, you do turn and go back the other way.